Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, demanded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to denounce the abduction and killing of a Palestinian teen, who was kidnapped by Israeli fanatics, in occupied Jerusalem, Wednesday.Abbas said the Palestinian Authority condemned, and strongly denounced the abduction of the three Israeli settlers, last month.

The P.A in the West Bank even offered to help in the search for the settlers. Their bodies were found on June 30, near Halhoul, north of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

The Palestinian President said that at least fifteen Palestinians were killed since the beginning of June, due to escalating Israeli military violations and assaults in the occupied territories.

Meanwhile, Presidency spokesperson Nabil Abu Rodeina held Israel fully responsible for the killing of the Palestinian teen, and called for apprehending and prosecuting the assailants.

The Palestinian teen, Mohammad Abu Khdeir, was heading to a local mosque near his home in Shu’fat, north of occupied East Jerusalem, when two settlers parked their car near him, pretending to be asking for directions.

They then jumped out of their car, and forced him in before speeding towards West Jerusalem. His body was located about an hour after the attack.

It is worth mentioning that Israeli army fire and shells have killed thirteen Palestinians, including children, in June.

Palestinian, 16, Found Dead After Israeli Mobs March, Chanting “Death To Arabs’


Palestinians killed by the army in June, and on July 1st:
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June 25 – Palestinian Dies of Wounds Suffered Last Friday – June 20

June 22 – Palestinian Killed By Army Fire In Nablus

June 22 – PCHR: “Mentally Challenged Man Killed”

June 22 – Palestinian Killed By Army Fire In Ramallah

June 21 – Teen Killed By Israeli Landmine In Jordan Valley

June 20 – Elderly Man Dies In Salfit After Soldiers Invaded His Home

June 20 – Child Killed By Israeli Army Fire Near Hebron

June 16 – Palestinian Killed By Army Fire Near Ramallah

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