Palestinian medical sources have reported that at least 10 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli army fire in Ithna town, near the southern West Bank city of Hebron, after Israeli soldiers detonated a home in the town.Local sources said dozens of soldiers invaded the town, and demolished the home of Ziad Awwad, who stands, along with his two sons, accused by Israel of being behind the killing of an Israeli army officer, two months ago.

The sources said that the soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets, and gas bombs at local youth who threw stones at them while invading their town.

Residents Mohammad Ibrahim Farajallah, 19, Shadi Fadel an-Najjar, 17, Ismael Jubran Atiyya, 28, Qosai Shawqy Tmeizy. 20, Fadi Yousef Jeyyawi, 21, and Mo’taz Samih Salmiya, 21, were shot by rounds of live ammunition.

At least four more Palestinians were shot with rubber-coated metal bullets; they have been identified as Kathem an-Najjar Bilal Tmeizy, Hazem an-Najjar, and Mahmoud Sa’id Awawda.

In related news, two children identified as Ahmad Bashir Sleymiya, 13, and Mohammad Samir Sleymiyya, 14, suffered abdominal burns and cuts after a concussion grenade, dropped by the army in a previous invasion, detonated near them. They were moved to local hospitals and medical center.

It is worth mentioning that detainee Awwad spent 12 years in Israeli prisons, and was released under the Shalit Prisoner Swap Deal.