George Galloway has recently raised the question to Arab officials regarding their silence over Palestinian suffering: ‘Will anyone, any Arab or Muslim leader stand up and lift even a finger to help the Palestinian people in this Israeli massacre?’ George Galloway is a British politician who is a supporter of the Palestinian cause and is well known for his anti-war views.

He gained international notoriety, in recent years, when he walked out an Oxford debate, declaring that he refused to recognize the state of Israel, as is shown in the video below.

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On his facebook page, the former MP recently posed the questions: ‘Where is Erdogan? The would be Ottoman Protector? Where? Where is Waleed bin Talal bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud, co-owner of Fox and Sky News? Where are the Kings and Emirs of the Arab world? Where is King Abdullah, ‘Custodian of the two Mosques’? Where is General Sisi, ‘the new Nasser’?’

He asserted, according to Al Ray: ‘I address the Arab and Muslim leaders sincerely with this question. Judge yourselves before you are judged.’

Al Ray further reports that a recent poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) reveals that 68.3% of Palestinians are worried about the subsistence of their families.

The poll covered a random sample of 1,012 Palestinian respondents representing the various demographic specimens of adult Palestinians (aged 18 years and older) living in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.

According to recent statements made by PCPO President Dr. Nabil Kukali, the Palestinian public is anxious over the backlash of the incident involving three missing settlers who recently turned up near the area from which they went missing, over two weeks ago.

Over half believe that the economic situation in the oPt will worsen in the coming days.

Dr. Kukali notes that the average Palestinian citizen is generally suffering from a severe economic situation and from an incapability to meet a manifold obligation to his family, adding that the ordinary citizen is living in a permanent state of anxiety.

The economic situation in the territories is extremely difficult, according to Kukali, particularly in the Gaza Strip, which suffers from a continuous and ongoing siege, the closure of the border-crossings, as well as restrictions laid on the movement of the Gazans and on the entry of essential goods and wares.

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Gaza has been under a severe economic blockade imposed by Israel since 2006, leading to frequent humanitarian crises. With Egyptian backing, Israel tightened the blockade in 2007, following a political victory by Hamas.

The UK is reported to give Israel over double that of the US, in foreign aid and weapons.