Israeli forces have dramatically escalated the scope of its aerial offensive in Gaza on Thursday, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, as five civilian facilities across Gaza have now been bombed.The fourth floor of al-Wafa charity hospital for the elderly was shelled recently by Israeli artillery, bringing mass material damages upon the hospital.

Two air raids on al-Salah school for orphans, in central Gaza, left a large part of the charity destroyed.

In the densely populated neighborhood of Shiekh Rudwan, an Israeli war plane bombed a pond used for water storage. Several injuries were reported.

Furthermore, Al Ray reports that Israeli gunboats shelled the Gaza harbor, destroying most of the boats and ships, there.

Also attacked in the port was the Freedom Monument, erected to symbolize the sacrifices of Turkish people in trying to lift the siege on Gaza.

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Gaza’s Ark has been completely destroyed:

Additionally, an Israeli helicopter attacked an apartment via rocket, in the neighborhood of Tal-Hawa, killing Dr. Anas Abu al-Kas, aged 33.

According to Al Ray, Anas was the only son of his parents who were killed by the Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2008.

Israeli war planes assaulted the Gaza strip with intensive rocket fire over the course of Thursday night, with several panic cases reported among the civilians.

The Palestinian Ministry of Public Works & Housing stated, recently, that 282 houses were completely destroyed and 8,910 houses were partially destroyed.

Over 100 Palestinians have been killed, so far, and over 1,000 injured in the current military assaults across the Gaza Strip.