Palestinian medical sources have reported that six more Palestinians were killed in a number of airstrikes late Friday night and early Saturday morning, and that at least three of the slain Palestinians are children. This latest attack comes as the ongoing Israeli aggression and war on the Gaza Strip enters its fourth day .The sources said the army fired missiles into dozens of homes, in addition to firing missiles targeting cars and infrastructure in different parts of the coastal region.

On Friday, at night, two Palestinians were killed when Israeli missiles struck Palestinian farmland in Deir al-Balah, central Gaza.

They have been identified as:

1. Mohammad Samiri, 24.
2. Rami Abu Mosa’ed, 24.

On Friday evening, soldiers fired missiles into a home, and several areas in the Shuja’eyya neighborhood, in Gaza City, killing two Palestinians, including an elderly man, and wounding at least six others.

Medical sources at the Shifa Medical Center in Gaza said four Palestinians, including two children, have been wounded in the Israeli bombardment. Two of the wounded suffered serious injuries.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as:

3. Saber Sokkar, 80.
4. Hussein Mohammad al-Mamlouk, 47.

Another Palestinian died of serious wounds suffered in an earlier shelling targeting the Shuja’eyya neighborhood, he has been identified as:

5. Nasser Rabah Sammama, 46.

Furthermore, medics and rescue teams located the body of a Palestinian man buried under the rubble of a home that was bombarded by the army last night in Deir al-Balah, in central Gaza. He has been identified as:

6. Abdul-Halim Abdul-Mo’ty Ashra, 52.

Medical sources said that Dr. Anas Rezeq abu al-Kas, 30, Gaza City, died on Friday of wounds suffered on Thursday evening, in Tal al-Hawa, Gaza city, after three Israeli missiles struck his home. Anas had lost his parents who were killed when Israeli missiles struck their home, during the previous Israeli war on Gaza which started on December 27, 2008.

Dozens of wounded Palestinians are in serious condition, in different parts of the Gaza Strip, as hundreds of residents, the vast majority of them civilians, have been injured in the ongoing war on Gaza.

Among the seriously wounded Palestinians are twelve of the fifteen residents injured earlier Friday in the Nahda neighborhood and Yebna refugee camp, close to the border with Egypt; five were instantly killed in the two attacks.

Medical sources also said one resident was moved to the Shifa Medical Center with a very serious injury, suffered after the army shelled homes northwest of Gaza City.

200 homes have been completely destroyed during the raids, according to WAFA.

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