Israeli soldiers killed a Palestinian in Khan Younis, on Monday at dawn, and continued the bombardment of civilian homes and property in the coastal region. Another Palestinian was killed later on in Deir al-Balah.Warning: Graphic image follows this article

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said a Palestinian was killed, on Monday afternoon, in Deir al-Balah, central Gaza.

The slain Palestinian has been identified as Hamid Suleiman Abu al-‘Araj, 60.

Earlier Monday, medical sources said Adham Abdul-Fattah Abdul-‘Aal, 27, was killed by Israeli shells, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, while several Palestinians have been injured.

Also on Monday, at dawn, the Israeli Air Force fired missiles into several homes, and resistance centers, in different part of the Gaza Strip.

One of the bombarded buildings is the al-Maqousi residential towers in Gaza City; the building has been repeatedly targeted in recent days.

A Palestinian mother and three of her children were injured in southern Gaza, as the army bombarded homes in Rafah and Khan Younis.

The ongoing bombardment has led to power blackouts in different parts of the Gaza Strip, as Israeli missiles have hit hundreds of homes and property.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza said at least 30 Palestinians were injured on Monday, at dawn, and that the total number of injuries among the Palestinians, including women, children, infants and elderly, is more than 1,260.

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