Palestinian medical sources have reported that the Israeli Air Force continued it attacks against various Palestinian neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip, killing three more Palestinians, in Rafah, on Thursday morning.The Ministry of Health has reported that the three Palestinians have been identified as:

1. Abdullah Salem al-Akhras, 27, Rafah.
2. Bashir Mohammad Abdul-‘Al, 20, Rafah.
3. Mohammad Ziyad Ghanem, 25, Rafah.

Medical sources in Gaza said many Palestinians, including women and children, have been move to the Shifa Medical Center in Gaza City, after the army fired missiles into a number of homes, east and west of Gaza city.

The Ministry stated that 230 Palestinians have been killed, and 1,690 have been injured since the Israeli escalation on Gaza started, Tuesday, July 8. The majority of the victims are civilians, including infants, children, women and elderly.

Four More Palestinians Killed In Ongoing Assault On Gaza