The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that eight Palestinians, four of them members of one family, have been killed on Saturday, in the pre-dawn hours, when Israeli missiles struck their homes in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. One was killed in northern Gaza, and another was killed in central Gaza.Update: 05:10

Medical sources in Gaza said that a Palestinian was killed, on Saturday at dawn, during ongoing Israeli bombardment of Khan Younis. Many have been injured.

The Ministry of Health In Gaza said the slain Palestinian have been identified as:

1. Raed Walid Walfan, 27, Khan Younis.

In an earlier incident, medics and rescue teams rushed to the bombarded homes in Khan Younis, and located the remains of seven Palestinians, while several civilians were also wounded in the airstrikes, which targeted the family homes of the as-Serry, Salhiyya and Nassr families. The remains of the eights Palestinians were found, and identified, later on.

The Ministry said the seven slain Palestinians have been identified as:

2. Yahia Bassam as-Serry, 20, Khan Younis.
3. Mohammad Bassam as-Serry, 17, Khan Younis.
4. Mahmoud Rida Salhiyya, 56, Khan Younis.
5. Mustafa Rida Salhiyya, 21, Khan Younis.
6. Mohammad Mustafa Salhiyya, 22, Khan Younis.
7. Waseem Rida Salhiyya, 15, Khan Younis.
8. Ibrahim Jamal Kamal Nassr, 13, Khan Younis.

Another Palestinian was killed when the army fired missiles into the an-Nada residential Towers, in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.
He has been identified as:

9. Ahmad Mahmoud Hasan Aziz, 34, Beit Hanoun.

In addition, a Palestinian was killed in Juhr ed-Deek, in central Gaza, the Ministry of Health said.

He has been identified as:

10. Sa’id Ali Issa, 30, Juhr ed-Deek, Central Gaza.

The ongoing Israeli offensive has led to the death of 310 Palestinians, most of them civilians, including entire families, since the offensive on Gaza started on Tuesday July 8.

Israeli missiles and shells have injured approximately 2,250 Palestinians, including 640 children, 400 women, and 90 elderly.

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