Palestinian medical sources have reported that at least 34 Palestinians have been killed, and dozens injured, in ongoing Israeli bombardment targeting different areas of the Gaza Strip, while medics also located the bodies of several children and elderly under the rubble of homes in Gaza’s Shuja’eyya neighborhood.Mon. 14:05 – Medical sources in Gaza have reported on Monday afternoon, that three more Palestinians have been killed, and fourteen gave been injured by Israeli missiles targeting Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The three have been identified as Karam Ibrahim Atiyya Barham, 25, Nidal Ali Abu Doqqa, 26, and Nidal Jom’a Abu Assi, 43. At least 14 Palestinians were wounded.

Mon. 13:51 – The Ministry of Health said that two more Palestinians have been killed in ongoing Israeli bombardment, east of Gaza City, and six more were injured.

The two were killed in an area, east of Gaza; they have been identified as Majdi Mahmoud al-Yazeji, 56, and Mohammad Samih al-Ghalban.

Mon. 13:18 – Israeli missiles target homes in Gaza city, killing three Palestinian, and wounding several others, some seriously.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as Mahmoud Hasan an-Nakhala, Saleh Badawi, Kamal Mas’oud, 21.

13:03 – Resident Saleh Badawi, killed by Israeli missiles targeting the Zeitoun neighborhood, in Gaza City.

Medics locate body of resident
Mahmoud Hasan an-Nakhala, under rubble of bombarded home in Gaza.

Medical sources said Raed Issam Daoud, 30, was killed as the army renewed its bombarded of Gaza City, and several Palestinians were injured.

Resident Kamal Talal Hasan al-Masri, 22, was killed after the army fired missiles into homes in Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza.

A Palestinian Child, identified as Husam Abu Qeinas, 5, was killed by Israeli shell striking his family home in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza.

Medical sources in Gaza stated that at least nine family members, including four children, have been killed, and more than twenty have been injured, some seriously, after the army bombarded their home in the city.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health stated that the remains of the slain Palestinians, and the wounded have been moved to the Gaza European Hospital, adding that many children suffered critical injuries.

They have been identified as Somoud Nasser Siyam, 26, Mohammad Mahrous Salaam Siyam¸ 25, Bader Nabil Siyam, 25, Ahmad Ayman Mahrous Siyam, 17, Mustafa Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 12, Ghaida’ Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 8, Shireen Mohammad Salaam Siyam, 32, Dalal Nabil Mahrous Siyam, 8 months, Kamal Mahrous Salama Siyam, 27.

In Khan Younis, several family members, including children, have been killed after an Israeli missile struck their home, mutilating their bodies and burying them under the rubble. They have been identified as:

Jawdat Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 24, Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 5, Haifa’ Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 9, Yasmin Ahmad Salama Abu Jame’, 25, Soheila Bassam Abu Jame’, Shahinaz Walid Mohammad Abu Hamed, only one year old, Roseanne Tawfiq Ahmad Abu Jame’, 14, and Husam Abu Qneiss, 5.

Another Palestinian, identified as Ahmad Suleiman Abu Saoud, 34, was also located under the rubble of Abu Jame’ family home.

In addition, the Ministry of Health said a Palestinian woman was killed when the army fired missiles into her home in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. She has been identified as Manwa Abdul-Baset as-Sabe’, 37.

The Ministry of Health said another Palestinian, identified as Bilal Jaber Mohammad al-Ashhab, 22, was killed in al-Mighraba, north of Gaza City.

It also stated that one Palestinian was killed by an Israeli missile, fired at him while driving his motorcycle at the entrance of the Nusseirat refugee camp, in Central Gaza.

The slain Palestinian has been identified as Abdullah Matroud Abu Hjeir, 16; one resident was injured in the attack.

In Rafah, in southern Gaza, one Palestinian was killed, and two others were moderately wounded, when an Israeli missile struck their home.

The slain Palestinian has been identified as Raed Ismael al-Bardawil, 26.

Also in Rafah, a young Palestinian man, identified as Younis Ahmad Mousa al-‘Eid, 23, was killed and two others were injured by an Israeli missile fired at them.

Two Palestinians have been injured by Israeli shells, in the Nafaq Street, in Gaza City, while 10 Palestinians, including five children, have been injured after the army bombarded a home in Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza.

The Ministry of Health said, Monday, at least 501 Palestinians have been killed; more than 3135 have been injured, including nearly a 1000 children and 530 women, since the Israeli war on Gaza started on July 8, 2014.