At least 15 people have been abducted, and one killed, by West Bank forces since last night, as confrontations between Palestinian residents and both Israeli soldiers and settlers continue to ensue over the course of mass protests and general strikes in the region.According to the PNN, demonstrations have occured in the Bethlehem district, the village of Teqoa, various parts of Hebron, Ramallah, Nablus, Tulkarem and East Jerusalem, over the genocide currently being perpetrated on Gaza by the Israeli regime.

Protesters were met with sound bombs and teargas, with several suffering from suffocation.

Moreover, yesterday, several Palestinian political organizations agreed to close shops and other businesses in solidarity with the enraged protesters.

At least fifteen Palestinians were kidnapped by Israeli forces in the past 24 hours, including two minors and a woman, from the occupied cities of Bethlehem, Jenin and Hebron, including al-Fawar refugee camp.

Vioelnt raids and searches were conducted upon Palestinian homes, in which Karim Mohammad Al-Omour, 17, from Teqoa, east of Bethlehem, Ali Hassan Al-Qwasmi and Sobhyeh Al-Fakhori, 62, and two other family members, Ali Al-Qwasmi, 16, and Mohammad Khaled Al-Qwasmi, Mohammad Al-Hymouni, Saleh Al-Rajabi, the brothers Yaser and Tayseer Abu-Snaineh, and Ashraf Othman Bader were abducted. Ashraf was taken into custody after the Israeli army raided his pharmacy and searched the shop.

The Israeli army also raided Bani Neam village, south of the city, and taking one Mohammah Adel Mnasrah and another resident named Moutaz Al-Hjouj, the PNN has reported.

In Al-Fawar refugee camp, forces abducted Islam Al-Adrah and Hothyfah Al-Srahneh.

Yazan Ahmad Salah, 18, from the village of al-Khader, was also abducted while protesting near Rachel’s Tomb, in Bethlehem.

One Palestinian identified as Said Suliman Abu-Tahoon, age 21, was taken in Araba, near Jenin. Said is originally from Tulkarem.

Additionally, during the raid on Araba, Israeli forces broke into the Al-Baraa oil station and seized the station’s security camera.

Furthermore, according to the PNN’s report, security sources have reported that that one Mahmoud Al-Shawamreh, from Al-Ram village, north of Jerusalem, was killed last night in Hizma village, also north of Jerusalem, after a group of Israeli settlers opened fire against him.

Mahmoud was seriously injured during the attack and, though he was taken to a Jerusalem hospital, he died from his injuries on his way there.

Following the shooting, clashes erupted at the main entrance of Hizma, where Israeli forces fired live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets, teargas and sound bombs at young Palestinian demonstrators.

Palestinian youth have been at constant odds with Israeli forces in other cities, villages and refugee camps all over the West Bank, during the demonstrations against the attacks on Gaza.

Escalated clashes occur daily in the West Bank, Jerusalem and ’48 territories since the Israeli offensive began on July 8th.

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