Update 23:40

Palestinian medics report that ambulances continue to be targeted by Israeli tank shells and airstrikes, with ambulances hit in both Gaza City and Beit Hanoun. The death toll for Friday has reached a total of 45, including several medics.
1. Mohammad Matar al-‘Abadla, 32, was killed when an Israeli missile was fired at an ambulance trying to retrieve dead and wounded people from Khuza’a, in Khan Younis. The medics reported that there had been coordination between the Red Cross and Israel to allow the medics to enter, but despite the coordination, Israeli forces fired a missile at them.

2. Yosra Salem Hasan al-Breem, 65, was killed when an Israeli missile struck her home in Bani Sohbila, near Khan Younis.

Several Palestinians were injured, two seriously, when the Israeli airforce targeted a car in Gaza. They were taken to Shifa hospital.

Update 22:00

They have been identified as:

3. Yousef Kamal Mohammed al-Wasify, 26, died at Shifa hospital, in Gaza City.

4. Mazin Abdeen, 23, and
5. Adnan Shahid Ashteiwi Abdeen, 35, were both killed in Rafah.

6. Mohammad Abdel Nasser Abu Zina, 24, was targeted and killed in his home in al-Zaitoun.

7. Abdul Majeed al-Eidi, 35, was also killed in his home in al-Zaitoun.

8. Mohammad Ahmed Abu Wadiya, 19, and
9. Hani ‘Adel Abu Hassanein, 24, died in Shifa hospital in Gaza. They were both citizens of East Central Province.

10. Yassin Mustafa al-Astal, 38, was killed in western Khan Younis.

As of 10 pm Friday, the Ministry of Health reports that 864 Gazans have been killed since the conflict began on July 8th, and 5,730 have been wounded.

Update 18:00:

An airstrike on a motorcycle in Khan Younis resulted in the deaths of two men:
11. Osama Salim Shaheen, 27, Khan Younis.
12. Hamada Suleiman Abu Younis, 25.

On Friday late afternoon, the bodies of two brothers killed in Khan Younis arrived at the Gaza European Hospital. They were identified as:
13. Mohammad Kamel an-Naqa, 34, Khan Younis.
14. Kamaal Kamel an-Naqa, 35, Khan Younis.
15. Hamed al-Bora’ey, a medic, and two other medics were injured, when Israeli forces targeted an ambulance in Beit Hanoun, in northern Gaza.

16. The body of Mohammad Issa Khaled Hajji, 24, was identified in the morgue of Shifa Hospital. His body has been in the morgue for three days, but was not able to be identified.

17. Hasan Hussein al-Howwari died in the intensive care unit at the Shifa hospital on Friday afternoon.

18. Hosam Rabhi, a Palestinian medical specialist, died of wounds sustained on July 12th in an Israeli attack. He had been taken to a hospital in Jordan for treatment, where he was pronounced dead on Friday afternoon.

updated from:

The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that an Israeli army sniper shot and killed a Palestinian child, age 5, in the neighborhood of Shuja’eyya, in Gaza City. Four more Palestinians were killed in Gaza’s Central District.

19. — 14:20 Resident Imad Adnan Abu Kamil, 20, killed by Israeli missile in Al-Meghraqa, Gaza, several Palestinians injured.

20.– 13:44 – Medics located remains of residents Mohammad Yassin Siyam, and Rami Mohammad Yassin, under rubble of bombarded homes in Zeitoun Neighborhood, in Gaza.

The Ministry said that
21. Walid Sa’id al-Harazin, 5, died instantly. and that, after killing the child, the army fired several rounds of live ammunition.

The army also continued to fire missiles and shells into various Palestinian neighborhoods, and towns, in the Gaza District, and in different districts in the besieged coastal region.

Medical sources said two Palestinians have been killed after the army fired missiles into homes in the al-Meghraqa area, in Central District.

The two Palestinians have been identified as
22. Tareq Zohdi, 22, and
23. Salama Abu Kamil, 26.

In addition, Israeli missiles killed two Palestinians, identified as
24. Ahmad Mahdi Abu Zour, 25, and
25. Naji Bassem Abu Ammouna, 25, in Gaza.