Israel has rejected a Gaza ceasefire proposal recently outlined by US Secretary of State John Kerry, according to Israeli public television. However, Haaretz now reports that a 12-hour ‘humanitarian’ ceasefire has been negotiated.’The security cabinet has unanimously rejected the ceasefire proposal of Kerry, as it stands,’ Channel 1 said, according to Ma’an News Agency. It was added that ministers have left it open to discussion.

Kerry met with Egypt’s foreign minister and UN chief Ban Ki-moon, today, with the aim of securing a ceasefire which would end the Israeli that has now entered its 18th day, and has killed more than 800 Palestinians (names currently unconfirmed) and 38 Israelis, 35 of whom were soldiers.

The Kerry proposal reportedly included an initial truce that would be followed by negotiations on a final deal by delegations from all the parties, according to Ma’an.

PM Netanyahu’s government demanded that the army be allowed to continue destroying tunnels used by the Palestinian resistance to carry out operations inside Israel.

Hamas previously rejected the initial proposal, demanding a full settlement before it stopped shooting. However, mediation efforts have reportedly gained momentum over recent days.

Haaretz, who recently reported Israeli cabinet and Likud members as vehemently opposing a cease-fire, states that all signs indicate Netanyahu is looking for a truce and has agreed to a 12-hour humanitarian ceasefire, according to Kerry.

John Kerry said that he would speak to reporters later today.