Despite being attacked by the army, medics and rescue teams managed to locate the remains of 85 Palestinians, mainly women and children, buried under rubble of homes and buildings previously bombarded and leveled to the ground by Israeli missiles and shells, in different parts of the Gaza Strip.Medical sources said most of the located remains were found in Shuja’eyya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, and Zeitoun nearby neighborhood, in addition to Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, Rafah and in Khan Younis, in the southern part. The remains are yet to be identified.

The Ministry of Health said that Israeli tanks and military vehicles, stationed near al-Mentar, in Gaza City, Shuja’eyya, Khuza’a in Khan Younis and many other areas, are obstructing the search and rescue operations, and are preventing the families from inspecting their homes or what is left of them.

The Ministry of Health confirmed remains of 85 Palestinians have been found, and a further search could likely lead to the discovery of more civilian casualties, including children, women and elderly.

Although the temporary 12-hour “humanitarian ceasefire” started on Saturday, at seven in the morning, the Israeli army continued to operate on a different level, digging tunnels, erecting sand hills and installing barricades, apparently preparing for a new, and possibly, a more violent round of escalation against the Palestinians.

The army is only allowing the Red Cross, Medics and Civil Defense teams, to move around in Gaza to perform the search and rescue operations.

“The situation is horrific, destruction everywhere, dozens of bodies lying on the ground, and under rubble, especially in Shuja’eyya and Zeitoun”, eyewitnesses said.