Update: Around 6 pm, another Palestinian was shot and killed by Israeli forces, this time in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip. He has been identified as: Essam Ibrahim Abu Shab 42. This brings the total so far Sunday to 10 Palestinians killed – in what was claimed to be a period of ‘ceasefire’ until Monday, when Israel says that full-scale bombing will resume.updated from:
Israeli Army Resumes Bombardment of Gaza, Killing At Least 8 Palestinians

Palestinian medical sources have reported that Israeli missiles have killed 8 Palestinians in noontime strikes on Sunday, while four more Palestinians dead of wounds suffered several days ago.

14:49 Palestinian factions reportedly agree to a new 24-hour ceasefire, starting Sunday at noon. Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri of Hamas stated that the humanitarian truce could be extended, depending on the situation.

Hamas officials said that they had negotiated with all of the resistance factions in Gaza, according to Palestinian leadership, and managed to get them to agree to a 24-hour ceasefire.

But Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told CNN that Israel would not respect the ceasefire negotiated by Hamas, saying, ‘Under these circumstances, Israel will do what it must do to defend its people.’

Earlier Sunday,
The Israeli Economy Minister, head of the Jewish Home party, Naftali Bennett, posted on his Facebook page, “Israel is in the midst of an historic operation to destroy Hamas and completely disarm it. Now, especially now, we should not remove our foot from the gas pedal. No ceasefire, no truce, no rest, no peace, no dialogue. Hamas leaders know our phone numbers – if they want to disarm, call us. Otherwise, there will be no end to this operation.”

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Israel killed eight Palestinians Sunday, and wounded dozens, after the army fired missiles into Palestinian homes in different parts of the Gaza.

14:34 Medical sources said a woman was killed, and her son was seriously injured, after the army fired a missile into their home, east of Gaza City.

She has been identified as;

1. Jalila Faraj Ayyad, Gaza.

03:58 – One Palestinian, killed after the army fired a missile at him as he was driving his motorcycle in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, has been identified as:

2. Khaled Abdul-Sattar Samhoud, Khan Younis.

Update: 13:44

Another Palestinian was killed when the army bombarded the Shuja’eyya neighborhood in Gaza, medical sources said.

He has been identified as:br />

3. Yousef Abed Shehada al-Masri, 24, br />

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza has reported two Palestinians have been killed after the army fired missiles into the Nusseirat area of Central Gaza. They have been identified as:

4. Ahmad Abu Sweirej, 23, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.

5. Mohammad Abu Haroun, 29, Nusseirat, Central Gaza.

A separate airstrike that also targeted the Nusseirat refugee camp, in Central Gaza, killed two and wounded several residents.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as;

6. Ibrahim Khalil ad-Derawi, 27, Central District.
7. Ala’ Nahedh Matar, 24, Central District.

Also, a Palestinian has been killed by an Israeli missile, near the al-Hareth Mosque, in the Zanna area of Bani Soheila, in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. He has been identified as:

8. Issam Abdul-Karim Abu Sa’ada, 24, Khan Younis.

Another Palestinian was killed, and three others were wounded, by Israeli sells in Khan Younis. The Al-Quds Brigades said the slain Palestinian is one of its fighters. He has been identified as:

9. Hazem Fayez Abu Shammala, 33, Khan Younis.

Earlier Sunday, the Ministry of Health in Gaza said two Palestinians died at the Shifa Medical Center, of wounds suffered two days ago. They have been identified as:

10. Yousef Jamil Sobhi Hammouda, 16, Gaza.

11. Ikram ash-Shinbari, 23, Gaza City.

Furthermore, a Palestinian child also died at an Egyptian hospital, of injuries suffered after the army bombarded his home several days ago.

12. Fadi Baraka, Gaza.

Another Palestinian died of wounds suffered after an Israeli missile struck his home in the al-Maghazi camp several days ago. He has been identified as:

13. Baha’ ed-Deen Ahmad Sa’id, al-Maghazi.

Palestinian armed groups in Gaza fired several missiles into Israel after the initial twelve-hour truce ended, as the groups rejected any truce that does not include a full Israeli withdrawal from cities, towns and areas the army recently invaded as part of Israel’s war on Gaza.

The Israeli Ministerial Cabinet earlier approved extending the temporary truce for 24 hours, but rejected any withdrawal of the army from Gaza.

Hamas said it cannot approve a truce that allows for the continuation of Israeli strikes and military presence in Gaza, and Hamas reiterated its demand that Israel stop attacking medics and rescue teams trying to locate survivors under the rubble of their homes.

In the airstrikes, which began shortly after noon, the Israeli army fired missiles into several homes in the Sa’ayda area, east of the al-Maghazi, and al-Masdar area, east of the Central District.

The army also fired missiles into the Nusseirat refugee camp, Bani Solheila in Khan Younis, and even fired missiles into a school, where families are taking shelter in Gaza City, wounding two Palestinians.

The army fired shells into a civilian car in the Zeitoun neighborhood of Gaza City, causing damage but no injuries.

Israeli missiles struck several areas in Rafah, in southern Gaza, al-Maghazi and Gaza City, and Beit Hanoun in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.