Palestinian medical sources have reported that seven Palestinians, including four family members, have been killed in an Israeli air strike in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Another Palestinian killed in Northern Gaza.Medical sources said several Palestinians have been injured, some seriously.

The slain Palestinians have been identified as;
1. Anwar ‘Adel Abu Nasr, 20, Khan Younis.
2. Ismael Walid Abu Nasr, 18. Khan Younis.
3. Ahmad Khalil Abu ‘Anza, 32, Khan Younis.
4. Shadi Abdullah Abu ‘Anza, 38, Khan Younis.
5. Ali Mahmoud Abu ‘Anza, 27, Khan Younis.
6. Ahmad Abdullah Abu ‘Anza, Khan Younis.
7. Mohammad Suleiman Baraka, Khan Younis.

The body of Baraka was completely burnt and incinerated in the attack. Medical sources said they believe the remains are Baraka’s, especially due to testimonies of eyewitnesses of the Israeli strike.

In addition, a Palestinian was killed, and several others were wounded in an Israeli bombardment targeted in Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. He has been identified as:

8. Mustafa Ahmad Abu Jalala, Beit Lahia.

Initial reports by the Ministry of Health indicate that several Palestinians have been killed, and dozens injured, after the army fired a missile into the Sheja’eyya Market area, and other several areas, in Gaza City.

Reports indicate at least fifteen more Palestinians have been killed, and more than 160 wounded, in the bombing of the Sheja’eyya Market.

Israeli sources said the offensive on Gaza to expand, while more ground forces have been called for deployment, and that the army will intensify its bombardment and shelling of Gaza, to prepare for a large ground invasion into the Gaza Strip.

The sources added that, despite extensive strikes on Gaza, Palestinian resistance factions, continue to fire shells into Israeli areas.

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