Air strikes in different parts of Gaza killed 14 Palestinians, including 3 medics whose ambulance was directly targeted, a 4-year old and an 8-month old baby. This follows an earlier missile that targeted a crowded market during a declared ceasefire, killing 62. Meanwhile, a hospital in Rafah has been evacuated under threat of Israeli airstrikes.Update 23:30 local time:

Local sources report that some 5km between Salah al-Eddin street and al-Najar hospital in Rafah is under intense and indiscriminate artillery fire, ambulances are unable to reach the wounded, and thousands of civilians are trapped in their homes.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said, ‘We cannot reach the civilians to evacuate them, the wounded to provide medical care, or the dead to retrieve their bodies’.

Continuous Israeli bombing in Rafah now is targeting government buildings and an apartment project belonging to the United Nations Development Project.

In Khan Younis, Palestinian local sources report that three people who went to search for bodies in Khuza’a neighborhood during the so-called ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ were targeted by an Israeli missile and killed. They were identified as:
Wajih Sha’ath
Fadi Al-Qawasmi
Ali Barbakh

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In Central Gaza, an airstrike killed:
Ahmed Wisam Al-Abeed, 4 years

In Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza, Israeli strikes killed:
Souad Ali Al-Bahri, 60 years
Samal Nail Al-Barawi, 8 months

In Nusseirat refugee camp, an airstrike killed:
Osama Abdul-Malik Abu Mualla, 37 years

And in Maghazi refugee camp, an Israeli bomb killed:
Atif Sohail Kandil 24 years,

An airstrike in the Zeitoun District of Gaza City killed:
Nihad Mohammed Yasin 24 years
Faiz Tareq Yassin 16 years
Hassan Ismail Yassin, 32 years old

An Israeli bomb directly targeted an ambulance east of Rafah, which was trying to reach the victims of the massive airstrike that killed 62 people earlier in the day.

They were identified as:
Ambulance officer Atef Zamili;
pathologist Joseph Jameen Sheikh Eid
and ambulance volunteer Yousef Jaber Drabiah

The Ministry of Health condemned the attack on the ambulance, which directly targeted medics while carrying out their duty to evacuate and transport the wounded.

Local sources in Gaza report that Israeli troops have advanced further into areas of Beit Hanoun, al-Shujayeh, and Rafah. Khan Younis continues to be a target of Israeli artillery shelling and air strikes.

Belal Dababour, a doctor in Gaza reports that Israeli troops just flattened a house on its residents. One of the victims, a mother named Siham, died while nursing her 26 day-old baby, who survived her.