The Ministry of Health Gaza is reeling from the reports coming out of Rafah, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, who informs that scores of people have been killed and injured, today, including 10 dead and over 30 injured in yet another attack on an UNRWA school — this time the Anas Ibn Malik Prepatory School sheltering thousands of forcibly displaced persons.A group of women, children and elderly were sitting against the wall which stands at the entrance to the school, seeking shade from the sun when they were attacked by the Israeli military.

Missile and mortar attacks are continuous in Rafah, Al Ray reports. This puts enormous pressure on the 20-bed Kuwaiti Maternity Hospital, which is now overflowing with the dead and injured.

At the time of this report, there were 30 bodies lying on the floor of the dental clinic, with children’s bodies stored in ice-cream, flower, and vegetable freezers, as morgue facilities are not an option. Other bodies have apparently been taken to the western cemetery for burial. The eastern cemetery is inaccessible due to Israeli fire.

Fatma Abu Musa, who is a lab technician at Kuwaiti Maternity Hospital states:

“We desperately need blood, we do not have enough for transfusions… we only have two operating theatres, one for minor surgery. They have to operate on two people at the same time on one operating table, major surgeries, with intestines on the outside, eyes on the outside. It is impossible to deal with all the wounded.”

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