A Ministry of Health official has warned of an impending health disaster, as hospital hygiene services providers threaten to engage in a strike over unpaid salaries.Director General of Administrative Affairs at the health ministry, Ahmed Ali, says, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that hygiene services will be seriously affected should the strike takes place:

“If such companies stopped working, diseases in health facilities and hospitals would be spreading out, mainly in surgical operation and intensive care rooms.”

Expressing worries over the potentially volatile situation, he stated, “We cannot allow this to happen. If it did, the patients and medical staff will be at risk of many diseases.”

Ali further pointed out that the Ministry of Health in Ramallah has not compensated companies for their operation expenses of NIS 750,000, monthly, since it first assumed its role in early June of 2014.

He called for the health sector to refrain from political disagreement, as its state of stability directly affects the lives of 1.8 million Gaza residents.

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