Israel’s Ministry of Justice has filed an indictment against a border policeman for assaulting and injuring 15-year-old Tarek Abu Khdeir, cousin to Muhammad Abu Khdeir, who was burned to death by Israeli settlers, in July.According to AFP, the officer, whose name remains under gag order, was indicted at the Jerusalem magistrate court, on Wednesday, for using ‘excessive force’ that could not be justified.

The incident took place at a July 3 demonstration, in the Shu’fat neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem, just a day after the abduction, torture and burning of 16-year-old Muhammad.

A ministry statement read: ‘…evidence was found supporting the guilt of the police officer suspected of severe violent crimes, committed after the arrest of the minor, who was handcuffed at the time’.

Tarek has denied taking part in the demonstration, saying he was only an observer but fled when police began chasing suspects, as Israeli police are well-known for their inhumane treatment of Palestinians.

Watch as Palestinian homes are sprayed with sewage, as a punishment for organizing protests against the Apartheid Wall which surrounds the West Bank:

The teen subsequently fell, was cuffed and beaten.

See the video.

An uncle of Tariq, who has since returned home to Florida, called the indictment a ‘cover up’ of the beating, and an Israeli attempt to appease the United States, AFP further reports:

‘If Tariq wasn’t an American citizen we would have never seen an investigation,’ Yassin Abu Khdeir declared, noting that his nephew was attacked by a ‘group’ of policemen who had also ‘attacked dozens of other kids’.

‘But we won’t see any further indictment because those kids are not American citizens,’ he added.

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