Three Gazans who made the journey to Greece, following extremely risky sea trips, say that the fate of many of their on-board companions is still unknown.Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency reports that the Brussels-based Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights recently published a short video interview with the young travellers, who said that an Egyptian youth and two Syrian girls on the boat also arrived in Greece on Sep 6.

The center identified the Palestinian survivors as Shokri al-As’soli, Mohammed Radi, and Abdul-Majeed al-Heila.

Dr. Ramy Abdu, Director of Euro-Med Observer, stated that official reports from Greece say that only three Palestinians from Gaza were saved, in addition to a 19-year-old young Egyptian lady, and two little Syrian girls.

Estimates of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reveal that nearly three thousand immigrants drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, this year — four times 2013 estimates.

See: 09/09/14 Thousands Fleeing Gaza By Any Means for background info.

According to the Palestinian workers’ union, the latest Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip caused 30,000 Gazans to lose their jobs, as over 500 shops, factories and company offices were destroyed in the relentless bombardment, leaving little economic hope for residents of the already besieged coastal enclave, despite reconstruction efforts.

Palestinians now make up the largest refugee population in the entire world.

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