Two Palestinian men were killed by invading Israeli soldiers, Tuesday at dawn, at the center of Hebron city, in southern West Bank.

According to the Israeli army Marwan Al Qawasmieh and Ammier Abu Ayasheh were surrounded at a home in Hebron city center and were killed after a short gunfight with Israeli troops. The army used a military bulldozer to destroy parts of the building.

Residents said that troops set fire to the building after taking the two buddies and left the area. Scores of youth clashed with the invading forces for several hours. Palestinian firefighters and medics rushed to the scene and put-off the fire.

Many residents were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation and around 10 civilians were injured by Israeli soldiers’ rubber-coated steel bullets, local sources reported.

On Tuesday midday the Israeli army handed over the two bodies and were laid to rest during a funeral in Hebron city. Local sources said that hundreds took part in the funeral.

The Israeli state accused the Al Qawasmieh and Abu Ayasheh of killing the three Israeli settlers near Hebron in June. The Israei army and government have not provided any evidence that both Al Qawasmieh and Abu Ayasheh or any Palestinian involvement in the killing of the three setters.

Shortly after the settlers went missing the Israeli army conducted a large scale search campaign in Hebron city and kidnapped more than 700 Palestinians.

Moreover, a week after the remains of the three settlers were found Israeli radical group kidnapped a Palestinian teenager from Jerusalem and killed him.