Member of the Central Committee of the Fateh movement Azzam al-Ahmad said the Palestinian bid for ending the Israeli occupation would be submitted to the United Nations Security Council within three weeks, but needs nine positive votes and no veto in order to pass.He stated that the Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations is holding extensive talks with various countries, adding that the talks need nearly two to three weeks to be concluded.

Al-Ahmad additionally said that the Palestinian leadership wants to keep all doors open, and willing to cooperate and talk to many countries to ensure ending the illegitimate Israeli occupation of Palestine.

“We want to reach a resolution that would end the occupation, achieve peace and independence,’ he said. “We are seeking our legitimate right to establish an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

“But we need nine votes in favor of our application,’ the official stated, “But the United States will most likely use its veto power to topple such a resolution.”

He added that the United States knows, very well, that Arab and Islamic countries are not united, juggling with so many differences and conflicts.

“Should our application be voted down or vetoed by the U.S. the Palestinians will have to take other political measures, “ al-Ahmad stated. “We will resume filing applications to join more UN institutions and treaties.”

He also said some of the options include asking the UN to grant the occupied state of Palestine an active member status, and that Palestinians would be demanding international protection by implementing the Fourth Geneva Convention to which Israel is a signatory.

Al-Ahmad stressed that the Palestinians are ready for any American or Israeli move to counter their efforts, including sanctions, adding that Arab unity and full support to the Palestinians are urgently needed, especially in upcoming international moves.

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