At least three Palestinians were kidnapped, on Sunday, by Israeli occupational military and police during predawn raids in Jerusalem and Jenin, according to local and security sources.Witnesses told WAFA Palestinian News & Info Agency that Israeli police broke into the Jerusalem neighborhood of al-Isawiya , and arrested two Palestinians after raiding and searching their homes. The two were identified as Moath and Omar Ebeid.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army stormed the village of Jalboun, east of Jenin, and abducted a local resident after raiding and searching his house, as well as seizing his computer. The man was identified as 22-year-old Ahmad Abul-Rob.

Soldiers also broke into the nearby town of Ya’bad and detained a teenager for several hours. 16-year-old Hamam Abu Baker was subjected to intense interrogation by the army before he was released.

In Hebron, army forces broke into the city and the nearby town of Bani Na’im, where they handed notices to three local residents to appear for interrogation.

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