Individual members of the Canadian Friends Service Committee, (The Canadian Quakers) will continue to support the call for Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, regardless of the situation of the Canadian law about this issue.Matthew Leggie, Matthew Legge, program coordinator at the Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers) told VICE News, ‘Individual Quakers have already told me that they don’t care what the situation with the law is.’

The national Canadian Broadcaster CBC News reported on May 11 2015 that the Canadian government was ‘signalling its intention to use hate crime laws against Canadian advocacy groups that encourage boycotts of Israel.’

CBC said that if such move is approved, it would be ‘a remarkably aggressive tactic, and another measure of the Conservative government’s lockstep support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.’

The Quakers’s activism is known of its peaceful nature and in no way anti-semitic. The American Friends Service Committee is a Noble Peace Prize Laureate as a result of their peaceful efforts during the second world war.

The Canadian Friends Service Committee are regular contributors to IMEMC News almost since its inception.