A Jerusalemite woman was injured on Thursday morning, after Israeli forces shot her at Ras Al-Amood checkpoint in Silwan, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque.Media sources reported, that 28-year-old Heba Aziz Al-Abasi, from Silwan village, was injured with a rubber bullet while she was in her car at Ras Al-Amood checkpoint. The bullet had directly penetrated the car window, according to Al Ray.

The woman was waiting to cross the checkpoint, on her way to work at the Patient Fund, and was was subsequently taken to a near clinic to receive the medical treatment, after the shooting.

In a related context, limited clashes erupted early today between Israeli forces and young Palestinian men in Sweeh neighborhood in Ras Al-Amood, where stun grenades and tear gas bombs were fired, according to eyewitnesses.

Silwan village and Al-Siwana neighborhood witnessed a severe traffic crisis, this morning, caused by Israeli checkpoints that obstructed people’s movement to their schools and workplaces.

Israeli authorities, since last Thursday, shut several entrances to Jerusalem neighborhoods and towns, especially Al-Issawiya, Al-Mokabber, Sur Baher and Al-Thwari, where provocative searching operations were conducted against Palestinians.