Israeli forces, early Monday, demolished nine residential structures and animal barns in Khirbet Jorat, al-Khail and al-Qanub localities, east of Sa‘ir town, to the northeast of Hebron.WAFA correspondence said that Israeli bulldozers, escorted by Israeli forces, broke into Khirbet Jorat al-Khail locality, where they tore down five tents.

Bulldozers also broke into al-Qanub locality and tore down four residential structures and animal barns.

Two of the owners were identified as Na‘im and Muhammad al-Shalalda.

According to Sa‘ir Town Profile prepared by the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem (ARIJ), an organization whose mission is to promote sustainable development in the occupied Palestinian Territories, Sa’ir is bordered by the Dead Sea to the east, Beit Fajjar and al-Arroub camp to the north, Halhul to the west and Bani Na’im and al-Shuyukh to the south.

The town is surrounded with two Israeli settlements, Asfar and Qiryat Arab‘, built on an estimated area of 1,500 and 300 dunums to the east and west.

Israeli forces have frequently imposed access restrictions on Palestinian locals, setting up checkpoints and installing a metal gate and earth mound roadblocks at the entrance.

Israeli forces have also bulldozed and destroyed 500 dunums of town land, uprooting 300 olive trees, 200 grape vines and 300 almond trees.

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