Palestinian Health Minister Jawad ‘Awad, on Monday, refuted Israeli allegations that Palestinian Red Crescent paramedics abandoned three days earlier wounded Israeli settlers, to the south of Hebron.Speaking during a press conference, ‘Awad denied Israeli allegations that the Palestinian Red Crescent paramedics didn’t stop to provide medical treatment for the Israeli settler family who came under fire as they were driving through the southern Hebron hills near As-Samou‘ town on Friday.

Two settlers were killed and another was injured in the shooting. The two casualties were a father in his 40s and his son, 18, who were in the car with five other family members.

Israeli media said, according to WAFA, that a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance allegedly passed by the site of the shooting attack on Friday and abandoned the wounded settlers as they laid dying and didn’t approach the scene to provide medical treatment.

“Despite Israeli occupation forces’ violations against Palestinian medical facilities, paramedics and ambulances and despite threats they have faced, PRCS have been working under serious conditions to save the lives of the injured regardless of their nationality and religion,” stated ‘Awad.

‘Awad slammed these Israeli allegations as intended to “undermine the credibility of Palestinian paramedics” and as a “desperate attempt to divert world attention from Israeli crimes against medical staff, most recently the killing of ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam Shalalda, 27, and kidnapping his cousin, ‘Azzam, 22, who was receiving medical treatment at al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron.

“Seeking to save the lives of the wounded people impartially and neutrally, PRCS paramedics have provided medical treatment for many wounded Israeli settlers and even soldiers in car accidents,” ‘Awad added.

Citing Health Ministry statistics, ‘Awad said two Palestinians shot by Israeli forces in October succumbed to their injuries after Palestinian paramedics were prevented from approaching them and that over 300 attacks against Palestinian paramedics were recorded over October, including preventing ambulances from approaching Palestinians shot by Israeli forces following alleged stabbing attacks or attempts and opening fire directly at ambulances.

This came after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly ordered the Foreign Ministry to lodge a “stern” complaint with the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, demanding an explanation as to why the Palestinian ambulance allegedly abandoned wounded settler family.

Israeli media quoted an Israeli Foreign Ministry source as threatening that “Israel will enact all necessary sanctions against the Red Crescent.”

“If things are indeed as they seem to me today, the State of Israel will take appropriate steps against the Red Crescent,” Netanyahu reportedly said.

Furthermore, Israeli Prime Minister’s Arab media spokesperson Ofir Gendelman posted a claim on his Twitter account accusing Palestinian paramedics of refusing to treat the victims.v

However in a press statement issued late Friday, PRCS “categorically” denied allegations that its paramedics did not stop to assist the wounded settler family.

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