Five Palestinian detainees, including two females, have begun a hunger strike in protest of living conditions and Israel’s arbitrary administrative detention policy, the committee of prisoners and ex-prisoners said.The committee included their names in a press statement, and among them is journalist Mohammad Al-Qeeq, from Ramallah, who continues the hunger strike for 21 days, protesting a ban on personal lawyers visits and harsh treatment by Israeli jailers.

Ihasn Dabaseh, from Hebron, continues his strike for seven days, according to Al Ray, in protest of her arbitrary movement to Damon prison. Suad Zrikat, from Hebron, continues the strike for seven days, protesting the administrative detention order against her for four months. Zirkat is currently languishing in solitary confinement.

Editor’s note: Administrative detention is an archaic procedure, dating back to the time of British Mandate Palestine, which allows the Israeli military to hold prisoners indefinitely, on secret information, without charging them or allowing them to stand trial.

Abdallah Abu Jaber, from Jordan, in a hunger strike since 8, Nov. 2015, is calling for family visits and phone contacts, while Salim Al-Ja’aba, from Jerusalem, continues his strike for 15 days, in a call to return him to Rimon prison and currently languishes in Majeddo (Megiddo) prison.

To be noted, prisoner media groups reported that detainees in Rimon, Ishel and Negev prisons launched a one-day hunger strike in solidarity.

This step comes within a series of upcoming movements to protest the ongoing abusive policy IPS follows against prisoners, especially in preventing winter blankets and clothes from entering the facility, thethey stated.

The groups expressed their deep dismay of the weak role of international organizations who do not call for action to end the suffering of Palestinians in Israeli prisons, especially amid the bitter cold weather.

The Israeli occupation detains around 7,000 Palestinians, 1,500 of them were recently detained with outbreak of the recent uprising in 1st, October, doubling, in effect, the suffering of Palestinian detainnes confined to Israeli prisons.

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