Israeli settlers from the illegal Metarim industrial zone, located to the east of Dhahiriya, south of Hebron, flooded land belonging to Palestinians.Bahjat Jabarin, Project and Proposal Manager of Environmental Quality Authority in Hebron, said the illegal settlement of Metarim includes four factories for soap, stone cutting, mineral oils and aluminum.

WAFA correspondence reported that, in the last two days, settlers intentionally discharged a huge amount of wastewater produced in these factories to farmers’ lands, which Palestinians use for agricultural purposes, said Jabarin.

He added that the settlement directorate took over dozens of acres of the land and planted solar cells in the area.

Khirbet Zanuta, which was flooded with wastewater, is rich with archaeological sites and is inhabited by 30 families living in caves and tents. The families make their living through raising animals and agriculture.

The inhabitants of this area suffer from the constant risk of displacement and prosecution by the Israeli army and settlers, in addition to restricting their access through shutting down the main road leading to the Khirba.

It is located five kilometers east of Dhahiriya, adjacent to al-Samu’ town on the bypass road linking to Kiryat Arba, Ariel, Shima, and Tene settlements and the Beersheba crossing.