A video released on Facebook, last week, shows Israeli soldiers praising and congratulating each other for shooting Palestinian protesters.The video was translated and subtitled by activist Ronnie Barkan. According to the Electronic Intifada, activists say it was recovered from a camera dropped by one of the soldiers.

In the video, soldiers were conversing about who to shoot and describing what they are doing and what they are wearing. Then they celebrate the victim’s “falling” with different expressions.

In the first shooting, they focus on a young Palestinian who was “standing” with a slingshot, aim and shoot. The boy falls down, and the soldier celebrated by saying “He took it! He took it in the ass!”

Other soldiers praise the shooter, by saying “well done,” a term that is most repeated in the video.

The second youth was targeted and shot the same way, when another soldier says “What a hit! Beautiful!”

The same scene is repeated with numerous victims. Soldiers wait and observe to make sure the victim was indeed hit and wait for him to be evacuated.

The soldiers then are filmed seated inside a military jeep away from any danger, and a soldier covers the camera lens with his hand, in order to not have his face captured.

Replay w/transcript: Video: ‘Army Cameras, The Sharpshooters’ Aid For Wounding And Executing Palestinian Protesters’