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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, February 18, 2016.

A settler killed two youth injured in the West Bank and in Gaza army bomb leave three brothers injured. These stories, and more, coming up stay tuned.

Two Palestinian youth were injured after they were shot by Israeli soldiers at an Israeli settlers’ supermarket near the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Israeli sources said that the two youth were shot by Israeli security after they stabbed a settler to death and critically injured another. The incident took place at the Rami Levi Store east of Ramallah.

Palestinian sources identified the two Palestinian youth as Ayham Subeh, 14, and Omar Renawi, 14, from the town of Bitonia near Ramallah.

Meanwhile the Israeli army announced that troops detained two Palestinian youth at a military checkpoint on the eastern entrance of Jerusalem. The army said that the two youth had homemade explosives with them.

Earlier on Thursday, a Palestinian worker suffered, on Thursday morning, a fracture in his leg, after Israeli soldiers assaulted him on military roadblock #300, at the northern entrance of Bethlehem.

The sources said that Aysar Shalalda, 23, suffered a fracture in his left leg, and several cuts and bruises to various parts of his body, after the soldiers stopped him on the roadblock, and repeatedly struck him with their batons, in addition to kicking and punching him.

Shalalda was heading to work at a construction site in occupied Jerusalem; he was moved to the Beit Jala Hospital, in Bethlehem, for treatment.

The army frequently assaults Palestinian workers, trying to provide for their families, in addition to repeated shooting attacks and abductions.

Moreover, Israeli settlers uprooted on Thursday morning, 30 olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers from the village of Jaloud near the northern west Bank city of Nablus.

Local sources announced that a group of armed settlers from the illegal Israeli settlement of Shilo near Nablus stormed the farmers’ lands and uprooted the tees then left.

In the Gaza Strip, three brothers were injured, on Thursday, when an Israeli bomb left behind by the army detonated near them in Beit Hanoun town, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian medical sources said that the three brothers were move to Beit Hanoun hospital after sustaining moderate to light wounds.

And that’s all for today from the IMEMC News; this was the Thursday, February 18, 2016, news round-up from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. From more news and updates, please visit our website at Today’s report has been brought to you by George Rishmawi and me Ghassan Bannoura.