Israeli extremists have reportedly made death threats against Palestinian journalist Mohammad al-Qeeq, who had been on a hunger strike for nearly a hundred days and is now recuperating in hospital.An Israeli soldier and a settler forced their way into al-Qeeq’s room in al-Afula Hospital, while his security guard was away from his post, the Middle East Monitor reported on Wednesday, according to PressTV/Al Ray.

“You must die. You deserve only death,” shouted the intruders after gaining access to al-Qeeq’s room.
According to his wife, Fayhaa Shalash, the Israelis had arranged the incident with the conveniently absent security guard.

She added that the extremists fled the hospital after al-Qeeq called for help.

Qeeq halted his strike on February 26. He is still being treated for the damage caused by his 94-day hunger strike. He was taken into Israeli custody last November, at his home in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

The journalist began the hunger strike as a protest against his administrative detention, an Israeli policy under which Palestinian inmates are kept in detention facilities without trial or charge, for periods of six months which can be extended for indefinite times. Over 600 detainees are currently being held under administrative detention.