Palestinian activists and journalists, on Wednesday, in cooperation with Sada social center, have launched a campaign against Facebook administration’s violations against Palestinian content.

The campaign denounced, in a statement, a policy of double standards adopted by the administration of the site.” At the time [in which] the violations against the Palestinian narrative are escalating under false pretenses, it does not act in the face of escalating Israeli incitement,” it said.

It explained that Israeli content calls for killing Palestinian innocents, arresting children, destroying mosques and churches, and expelling residents.

It  added that the policy of Facebook  is in line with Israeli policies, and even adopts the story presented, by Israel, in allowing people to broadcast whatever they want, while it closes pages which publish the Palestinian narrative, They ban publications and additionally deprive Palestinians of certain features available to users.

The campaign stressed, according to Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency, that Palestinian content is in real danger, as Facebook has developed an algorithm which enables it to delete user posts if it includes the names of Palestinian factions, for example: “Hamas, Jihad, Popular Front, Qassam, Saraya, or Shahid.”

The statement said that, based on all of the above violations, among others, the campaign calls on youth to begin practical steps in facing the actions of the site, instead of just monitoring the violations.

The campaign began yesterday evening, by tweeting with the hashtag “#FBblockspalestine.”

It pointed out that the Twitter event is the first in a series of practical measures, whereas the campaign will participate next week, with a group of institutions, in a discussion regarding ways to respond to the attack on Palestinian content.

There will also be a field protest event, as well as a study of a legal case against Facebook.

Note: The editor of this IMEMC post recently found certain allegations in this article to be substantiated by example, when he reported the Facebook site “Greater Israel Memes For Zionist Teens” to administration, for hate speech.

Facebook administration simply replied that no such content had been found. No response has been given to an appeal of the decision, at the time of this post.

(photo: Days of Palestine)

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