The state of Texas has blacklisted Airbnb over its decision to remove listings of rooms and homes for rent in West Bank Jewish settlements.

Airbnb, on Friday, was placed on the state’s “List of Companies that Boycott Israel” by Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Glenn Hegar.

Texas, in 2017, passed a law prohibiting government contractors from engaging in boycotts of Israel, in a move meant to counter the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, or BDS.

Under the law, Airbnb has 90 days to prove that it does not boycott Israel nor has taken action against it. Otherwise, the State of Texas “shall sell, redeem, divest, or withdraw all publicly traded securities of the company.”

According to the PNN, the ACLU has filed a lawsuit in Texas,against the law, calling it an unwarranted violation of Americans’ right to free speech.

Airbnb announced, in November, that it would remove the listings of some 200 apartments and homes for rent, in the settlements.

The company said that it consulted with experts to learn about the historical disputes in the region, to decide whether it should be doing business in “the occupied territories.”