Archbishop of Sebastia Diocese Of the Greek Orthodox Church in occupied Jerusalem, Attallah Hanna, welcomed a delegation of the World Council of Churches at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the adjacent cathedral, and urged them, along with all churches, to denounce the so-called “Deal of the Century” and the ongoing historical injustice inflicted on the Palestinian people in their occupied homeland.

Archbishop Hanna called on the World Council of Churches to take clear Christian standards, based on the holy bible, humanity, morality, and dignity, to stand firm against this so-called deal, and not to surrender to pressure from the Zionist lobby which is acting against basic the principles of justice and freedom.

“What is the benefit of having a World Council of Churches if it becomes a political organization serving certain interests against the other, and if it continues to be hesitant about taking obvious stances against occupation, oppression, and injustice targeting the Palestinian people,” Archbishop Hanna said, “We are calling for clear positions, for churches around the world to work on protecting human rights, and on helping our people live in their own sovereign independent state.”

“Do not listen to those who keep talking about balanced stances, because for us, there is no space here for such a position while we continue to see people getting killed, targeted, oppressed and made homeless, in addition to being treated as strangers in their own homeland,” he added.

“We call on the World Council of Churches to act, as we all expect, on defending dignity, justice, and humanity in Palestine, in Syria, in Iraq as well as even part of the world,” Archbishop Hanna concluded.