Several armed Israeli settlers attacked, late Friday evening, a Palestinian home in the West Bank city of Hebron, mainly between the colonial Israeli settlements of Kiryat Arba’ and Giv’at Havout.

Local Palestinian sources in Hebron city said that illegal Israeli settlers vandalized the home of Abdelkareem Al-Ja’bary by smashing its windows.

The owner of the home, Al-Ja’bary, told media outlets that at least twelve colonialist settlers threw rocks at his home, late on Friday evening, breaking the windows of the home, in addition to those of some of the vehicles outside.

He noted that the attack occurred only meters away from the Israeli occupation’s local police center in the area.

Al-Ja’bary further explained that those colonial settlers have recently escalated their attacks against local Palestinian homes and have forcibly prevented local Palestinian residents from reaching their own farm lands, located next to their homes.

Dr. Ahmad Amro, coordinator for the Youth Against Israeli Illegal Settlement group, asserted that the latest colonial settlers’ attack on the Al-Ja’bary family is a part of the settlers’ attempts to force the family out from the area.

The settlers continually harass Palestinians in order to seize the family’s home and farm land, prior to annexing the Palestinian land to the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba’, located north of the Palestinian Islamic shrine of Al-Ibrahimi mosque.

Amro added that all Palestinian official and popular institutions are required to support the steadfastness of the Ja’bary family and all other nearby families, in defiance of continued colonial settlers’ attacks on homes and farm lands.

He emphasized the need to re-install some local guarding groups, across Hebron city, in order to curb armed settlers’ attacks on local Palestinians.

Colonial settlers’ attacks on Palestinian properties have recently increased, not just in Hebron, but in other parts of the Palestinian West Bank. The recent wave of attacks were triggered by the Israeli government’s intention to annex a large portion of the occupied West Bank to Israeli sovereignty, as early as next month.