Israeli forces abducted, on Monday, dozens of Palestinians from the occupied West Bank, including a former prisoner and his wife, the Palestinian News & Information Agency (WAFA) reported.

In Qalqilia, in the northern part of the West Bank, the soldiers abducted Anas Mamdouh Miskawi, 24, in addition to one from Nablus city, and two from Jamain town, southwest of Nablus.

Additionally in the northern West Bank, the army detained one Palestinian from Qarawat Bani Hassan town northwest of Salfit, and another from Biddya town, southwest of Salfit.

In the occupied city of East Jerusalem, Israeli forces stormed civilian homes and detained five Palestinians, including two former prisoners and a woman.

Also, the soldiers detained several Palestinian civilians, including an activist identified as Nasser Hidmi and a former prisoner, identified as Jihad Qous from the Old City.

In the Bab Hutta area of the Old City, soldiers stormed and searched the home of Rami Al-Fakhouri (Video), along with his wife, Iman Abu Sbeih after assaulting them, leaving their two small children at home alone. The couple were later released on condition.

Furthermore, in the Jerusalem Governorate, soldiers detained Mohammad Sharifa, Sufian al-Ajouli, and Rashid Resheq .

From the southern part of the occupied West Bank, Hebron Governorate the army detained seven more civilians, identified as Moayyad Sami Al-Sharbi, 26, Ezzeddin Muhammad Al-Hour, 25, Rabah Bilal Fdeilat, 26, the two brothers Ghassan Jawabra, 32, and Anas Amjad Jawabra, 25, Salah Al-Zughair, 27, and Mohsen Younis Masalma, 24.

On Monday evening, a young Palestinian man after Israeli colonizers chased him and tried to force him into their vehicle, in the Northern Plains of the occupied West Bank.

Mo’taz Bisharat, a Palestinian official who monitors Israel’s illegal colonialist activities in Tubas, said the Palestinian has been identified as Ahmad Abdul-Latif Masa’eed.

List of Abducted Palestinians: 

The abducted Palestinians have been identified as:

  1. Hussein Yousef (former political prisoner), Ramallah.
  2. Samik Mutawalli (former political prisoner), Ramallah.
  3. Nour al-Qadi, Ramallah.
  4. Bara’ Mafarja, 23, Ramallah.
  5. Moath Jabr ‘Aasi, 23, Ramallah.
  6. Wahid Dar Mousa, 36, Ramallah.
  7. Abdul-Dayem Karakra, al-Biereh – Ramallah.
  8. Nasser al-Hadi – Jerusalem.
  9. Rami al-Fakhouri (former political prisoner), Jerusalem.
  10. Eman Abu Sbeih (Nasser’s wife – both were also assaulted).
  11. Mohammad Sharida, Jerusalem.
  12. Rashid Resheq – Jerusalem.
  13. Jihad Qous (former political prisoner), Jerusalem.
  14. Sufian al-Ajouli, Jerusalem.
  15. Moayyad Sami Sharbi, 26, Hebron.
  16. Ezzeddin Mohammad al-Hoor, 25, Hebron.
  17. Rabah Bilal Fdeilat, 26, Hebron.
  18. Ghassan Amjad Jawabra, 32, Hebron.
  19. Anas Amjad Jawabra, 25, Hebron.
  20. Salah Zghayyar, 27, Hebron.
  21. Mohsin Younis Masalma, 24, Hebron.
  22. Anas Mamdouh Miskawi, 24, Qalqilia.
  23. Ahmad Abdul-Latif Masa’eed, Northern Plains.

Post from Wadi Hilweh Information Center (Silwanic)

~ WAFA, Silwanic
Image: Silwanic (File photo)