Karim Ajwa, a lawyer with the Palestinian Detainees’ Committee, has reported Thursday that a Palestinian detainee is ongoing with hunger strike for the 15th consecutive day, protesting abuse and bad conditions during his continued detention and interrogation.

Ajwa stated that Mohammad Nimir Dar Sattouf, 27, from Beit Rima town, in the central West Bank governorate of Ramallah, stated his strike 15 days ago protesting his illegal extended interrogation, abuse and bad conditions at Asqalan prison.

He added that Sattouf is only drinking water, without any type of vitamins, and developed a sharp migraine and fatigue but is determined to continue his strike.

It is worth mentioning that the detainee was sent to Asqalan military court, last Monday, and was ordered under interrogation for eight additional days.

He is a former political prisoner who was held by Israel for three years, and was only released six months ago, before he was taken prisoner again on July 19, 2018.

Several days ago, the soldiers abducted his father, Nimir, 55, from his home, and are still holding him captive.

On Thursday, detainee Ahmad Mousa al-Bolbol, received a fourth consecutive Administrative Detention order, without charges or trial, shortly before he was supposed to be released.