On Monday, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported the deaths of dozens of Palestinians and the injury of hundreds more, in addition to dozens who remain missing under the rubble of bombarded homes and buildings in several parts of the Gaza Strip.

Update: Six Palestinians were killed, and many were injured after the Israeli army fired a missile at a home in the center of Jabalia refugee camp, in northern Gaza.

Many Palestinians were killed, and dozens were wounded when the army fired a missile at a home for the Al-Qedra family in Al-Qarara town, north of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

The home was filled with Palestinians, including women and children, when the Israeli army targeted it; many of the wounded suffered critical injuries.

The Health Ministry said the corpses of 31 Palestinians, including children and women, were found under the rubble of twelve homes in the Jabalia Services Club area in northern Gaza.

The Health Ministry added that eight Palestinians, including one child, were killed and at least twelve were injured when the Israeli army fired missiles at the homes of the Shafe’ey, Abu Jame’, and Hamdan families in several parts of Bani Soheila and Jouret Al-Aqqad, in the eastern and the central parts of Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip’s southern part.

Also in Jabalia, many Palestinians, largely women and children, were killed and dozens injured when an Israeli missile struck an apartment building in the center of Jabalia refugee camp. Many are still buried under the rubble and are believed to be dead. The army also fired a missile, for the second time, at the home of the Al-Agha family west of Khan Younis.

Medical sources in Khan Younis said Israeli missiles killed 46 Palestinians, including many women and children, in several renewed airstrikes in Khan Younis in less than 24 hours.

Furthermore, several Palestinians were killed, and many were injured when an Israeli missile struck a home in the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

In Gaza City, dozens of Palestinians remain stranded in homes and bombarded buildings, especially after Israeli army sharpshooters occupied rooftops in the northern Rimal area and fired at any Palestinian, they saw, killing and wounding many Palestinians who remained in the streets and alleys as nobody can reach them.

Medical sources said many wounded Palestinians have died in their homes and on the streets after medics were unable to reach them due to the destroyed streets resulting from extensive Israeli bombings and the direct targeting of medical and rescue volunteers.

In the Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, dozens of Palestinians, mainly women and children, were killed, and many more were injured by Israeli missiles that struck several homes.

Among the slain Palestinians in Nusseirat are at least seven members of the as-Sa’idini family, in addition to many who were injured and buried under the rubble, and dozens who were killed and injured by Israeli missiles that struck a school run by the UNRWA in the refugee camp, where dozens of families sought shelter.

Israeli missiles and shells have killed at least 11180 Palestinians, including 4609 children and 3100 women, since October 7. The numbers do not include the Palestinians who were killed Monday.

The Health Ministry said 3250 Palestinians, including at least 1700 children, are still buried under the rubble of bombarded homes and buildings, and stated that medics and rescue teams are unable to enter many areas due to constant Israeli bombardment and the extensive destruction of infrastructure, especially streets.

It also said that an additional six premature babies and nine patients died after the Shifa hospital ran out of fuel needed to keep its electricity generators running, and the extensive destruction to the medical facilities after the Israeli army targeted it with shells and continued to surround it.

Israeli missiles and shells have also killed 202 medical personnel and 36 Civil Defense rescue operators and injured more than 130, in addition to damaging sixty ambulances, including fifty-three that were destroyed.

The number of hospitals that became unable to provide services is twenty-five out of thirty-five hospitals in the Gaza Strip and fifty-three out of seventy-two First Aid clinics due to Israeli bombing and after running out of fuel for their electricity generators.

The Health Ministry stated that the Israeli bombings of all areas around the Shifa Medical Center in Gaza have intensified since November 11, adding that the army fired shells at the hospitals’ infrastructure and vital departments, especially the Oxygen station, water tanks, and wells, the medical wards of Health and Blood Vessels and the Maternity Ward, killing and wounding many Palestinians, including medical staff.

Seventeen patients, including six newborn babies and two in Intensive Care, have also died in the Shifa Medical Center due to a power blackout and the depletion of medical supplies in the bombarded and besieged hospital.

The hospital also has food or water. At least 32 patients, including six premature babies and nine patients in Intensive care, have died in the last 48 hours.

There are 60 patients in Intensive Care, and more than 40 infants and premature babies are at least 500 Kidney patients at the medical facility.

Many patients and wounded Palestinians have died in the streets after being unable to reach the medical facility.

Furthermore, the Israeli army forced about 10.000 cancer patients out of the Rantisi and the Turkish hospital, and they are facing imminent death.

In an urgent appeal, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) called on the international community to act and pressure Israel into allowing medics and rescue operators to reach wounded and slain Palestinians in Gaza, especially in the northern part of the coastal regions and in Gaza governorate.

The PRCS said dozens of families are stuck in their bombarded homes and buildings, without any water or food, in addition to hundreds of wounded Palestinians, but the medics have been unable to reach any of the bombarded areas.

Israel’s constant bombarded of civilian areas has so far led to the destruction of %53 homes and residential buildings, after Israeli missiles destroyed more than 54000 residential units and damaged 222000, in addition to destroying thirty-eight schools and damaging 278 schools, in addition to bombing fifty facilities run by the UNRWA, including many emergency shelters and schools.

Israeli missiles and shells have killed 11180 Palestinians, including 4609 children and 3100 women, and injured more than 282000 in the Gaza Strip since October 7.

Also, 180 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli soldiers, and colonialist settlers fired on more than 2700 in the West Bank since October 7.