Palestinian Committee for Prisoners Affairs said on Thursday that Israeli media reports, suggesting that four Palestinian prisoners have been infected by the widely-spread Coronavirus, are inaccurate.

The committee said in a statement, that four Palestinian prisoners have been isolated under quarantine by the Israeli authorities, however, none of them show any signs of the virus.

The statement explained that after having contacted the Israeli Prisons Authority and Arab members of the Israeli parliament, the committee learned that the four prisoners, in question, have been infected with the Coronavirus.

Those four prisoners, held in section 4 of the Majeddo jail, were placed in a special quarantine area, inside the prison.

The Prisoners Committee blamed Israeli Prisons Authority for not having taken needed precautionary measures to protect the a 5,000 Palestinian prisoners inside various Israeli jails.

Meanwhile, Abdelnasser Ferwana, Chief of Studies and Documentation Unit of the Prisoners and Former Prisoners Committee, said that the Israeli Prison System (IPS) mockingly said “let the prisoners use their socks” as safety masks, against the Coronavirus.

Several human rights groups have reportedly warned that the lives of 5000 Palestinian prisoners are now at risk of contacting the Corona virus, stating that the Israeli authorities have not yet applied precautionary measures to its prisons.

Image: Alray