Israeli soldiers abducted, on Tuesday at dawn, 30 Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Detainees’ Media Center has reported.

The Center stated that most of the abductions took place in Qarawat Bani Hassan village, west of Salfit in central West Bank, after the soldiers stormed and ransacked dozens of homes.

The abducted Palestinians have been identified as Ammar Mer’ey and his brothers Ekrima, Omran and Aziz, Ayyoub Ahmad Mer’ey, Ramzi Mer’ey, Ahmad Moheeb Mer’ey, Anas Azmi Mer’ey, Yahia Azmi Mer’ey, Mojahed Mer’ey, Mohammad Amin Mer’ey. Abdul-Rahman Amin Mer’ey, and his brother Ibrahim, in addition to Saed Aassi and Assef Zoheir Rayyan.

It added that the soldiers also abducted Eyade Nathem Abu Jeish, from his home in Beit Dajan village, east of Nablus in northern West Bank, and Islam Jaghoub from Beita town, south of the city.

The soldiers also invaded Jenin city, in northern West Bank, searched homes, and abducted Haitham al-Kafrini, Abdul-Rahman Hazem, Mohammad Mahmoud Ja’far, and Bader Mallah.

In Tulkarem, in northern West Bank, the soldiers invaded several homes in the Shweika area, before abducting Amma Abu Zahra and Yahia Abu Zahra.

In occupied Jerusalem, the soldiers abducted Jihad Abu Ramouz and Harbi al-Harbi, from their homes in Silwan town, in addition to Mahran Rajabi from the Old City, in addition to summoning Odai Adnan Gheith for interrogation.

In Bethlehem, the soldiers invaded the Khallet an-Nahla area, south of the city, and confiscated a Palestinian mobile home.

Hasan Breijiyya, the head of the Bethlehem office of the Wall and Colonization Resistance Committee, said the soldiers invaded Palestinians lands near the illegal Efrat colony and confiscated the mobile home.

It is worth mentioning that the area is subject to constant Israeli violations carried out by the soldiers and the colonialist settlers amidst ongoing illegal annexation and ongoing attempts to annex more Palestinian lands for the construction and expansion of the colonies.