Israeli soldiers abducted, Monday, 35 Palestinians from several parts of the occupied West Bank, including 20 in occupied Jerusalem, after the army invaded and ransacked dozens of homes.

Media sources said the soldiers conducted violent searches of homes and interrogated many Palestinians while inspecting their ID cards, before abducting the 34 Palestinians.

The army also summoned a few Palestinians for interrogation at several military bases in the West Bank, including Jerusalem. The names of seventeen of the Palestinians who were abducted in Jerusalem have been verified.

It is worth mentioning that one of the abducted Palestinians, Khattab Ibrahim Thawabta, 24, from Beit Fajjar town, near Bethlehem, underwent surgery just a few days ago and was still recovering at home.

The soldiers also assaulted many Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, in occupied Jerusalem, causing injuries, in the protests tent which was installed to counter Israel’s illegal attempts to displace the Palestinians and replace them with illegal colonialist settlers.

A similar attack took place in the Batn al-Jawa neighborhood in Silwan town, in occupied Jerusalem.

Thirty-one of the abducted Palestinians have been identified as:

  1. Nidal Abu Diab – Jerusalem.
  2. Mohammad Nidal Abu Diab – Jerusalem.
  3. Moath Wahid Bakri – Jerusalem.
  4. Wahid Bakri – Jerusalem.
  5. Ibrahim Abu Sneina – Jerusalem.
  6. Eyad Abu Sneina – Jerusalem.
  7. Fares Rafat Dari – Jerusalem.
  8. Odai Dari – Jerusalem.
  9. Ahmad Younes al-Ghoul – Jerusalem.
  10. Wadea’ Hasheema – Jerusalem.
  11. Mohammad Houshiyya – Jerusalem.
  12. Mahmoud Shawish – Jerusalem.
  13. Orabi Sadeq Gheith – Jerusalem.
  14. Khaled Shweiki – Jerusalem.
  15. Nasr Khader Abu Khdeir – Jerusalem.
  16. Adam Khader Abu Khdeir – Jerusalem.
  17. Mahmoud Mansour Abu Khdeir – Jerusalem.
  18. Ahmad Hasan Abu Khdeir – Jerusalem.
  19. Mohammad Zaghal – Jerusalem.
  20. Ehab Skafi – Jerusalem.
  21. Mosab Saher Barghouthi, Kobar – Ramallah.
  22. Ahmad Ra’fat, Doura al-Qare’ – Ramallah.
  23. Moath Reehan, Tal town – Nablus.
  24. Nasr Khaled Abu Zeina, Qabalan – Nablus.
  25. Khattab Ibrahim Thawabta, 24, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  26. Saoud Faisal Thawabta, 30, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  27. Mahmoud Ibrahim Balo, 25, Beit Farraj – Bethlehem.
  28. Mohammad Isamel Mousa al-A’raj, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  29. Fadi Mahmoud Rabah, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  30. Mohammad Nabil Abu at-Teen, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  31. Mahmoud Nabil Abu at-Teen, Beit Fajjar – Bethlehem.
  32. Mohammad Yousef Khdeir Awad, 23, Hebron.
  33. Sa’id Maher Asafra, Beit Kahil – Hebron.
  34. Mostafa Amin Mansour, 23, Azzoun – Qalqilia.
  35. Khaled Saadi – Jenin.
  36. Nimir Khaled Saadi – Jenin.