On Thursday dawn, the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles at buildings in the Nusseirat refugee camp in the central part of the besieged Gaza Strip; Israeli navy ships fired missiles targeting Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the coastal region.

Media sources said the missiles caused excessive damage to the targeted buildings but did not lead to casualties.

They added that an Israeli army drone also fired one missile at a building in the refugee camp, causing damage.

Furthermore, an Israeli navy ship fired several shells toward the Beit Lahia Sea in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army said it was retaliating to two shells allegedly fired from Gaza and landed in open areas near Kissufim, east of Gaza.

On Wednesday dawn, the army fired several missiles at several areas in the Gaza Strip, causing property damage.

The Israeli army claimed it retaliated to nine shells reportedly fired from Gaza in retaliation to the army and police attacks on Muslim worshippers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.