Israeli soldiers invade Nabi Saleh (archive image)

Israeli forces fired both live ammunition and rubber-coated steel bullets at Palestinian protesters on Sunday, wounding a 13-year old child and a 22-year old man in Nabi Saleh,

According to local sources, Israeli troops invaded the village, located north of Ramallah in the West Bank and began attacking Palestinians who had been engaged in a peaceful protest march.

The 22-year old was hit with an explosive bullet in the foot, and the 13-year old was hit by rubber-coated steel bullets in the hand. Both were taken to the hospital for treatment. Neither have been identified.

Nabi Saleh has long been a site of non-violent protests against the Israeli takeover of village land. It is the home of the world-famous teenage activist Ahed Tamimi, known for her fiery red hair and courageous confrontations with the Israeli soldiers that invade her village on a weekly basis. She was recently released from prison after spending one year in adult detention (despite being underage) for pushing a soldier who tried to force his way into her family’s yard, just hours after the Israeli military had shot her 15-year old cousin in the head.

In 2015, when a video went viral showing a group of Palestinian women in Nabi Saleh shaming a soldier who was beating a child, the Israeli Minister of Culture at the time, Miri Regev, famously said that the Israeli army should have shot those women.