On Monday, Israeli soldiers invaded Kafr ed-Deek village, west of Salfit, in the central part of the occupied West Bank, and handed demolition orders targeting five agricultural sheds.

Mohammad Naji, the mayor of Kafr ed-Deek, said the structures are in the Baat al-Arz area, in the northern part of the town.

Nimir Ezzat Ahmad, Atef Omar Ahmad, Habib Awad Ahmad, Mohammad Ahmad Ali Ahmad, and Shadi Omar Habboub owned the targeted structures on their lands.

Naji said the town has been subject to seriously escalating violations by the soldiers and colonizers, including the demotion of many homes and structures, in addition to standing demolition orders, the bulldozing, and uprooting of large areas of farmlands, and the illegal annexation of lands to expand the colonies.

On Monday at dawn, Israeli soldiers abducted at least forty-one Palestinians, including siblings and children, and a visually impaired man, after the army stormed and ransacked dozens of homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, including the occupied capital, Jerusalem.

On Monday morning, several armored Israeli military vehicles, including bulldozers, invaded Palestinian agricultural lands east of Rafah, in the southern parts of the Gaza Strip, and bulldozed them.