On Sunday, Israeli authorities sent heavy equipment to the Gaza border to reinforce sections of the concrete Wall that had been exposed to a fire two years ago.

According to Israeli sources, the area that is being reinforced is at the entrance to the Israeli colonial settlement called “Kibbutz Erez”, which is located next to the Israel-Gaza border.

According to the Israeli military spokesperson, “the reinforcement of the concrete wall comes in anticipation of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip launching guided missiles at the forces and targets of the Israeli army.”

The statement added, “The process of strengthening the wall is concentrated at the point where an Israeli named Moshe Feder, 68, was killed, as a result of the targeting of his car with a Kornet missile in 2019.”

At that time, in May 2019, Israeli forces were three days into a brutal assault on the people of Gaza, killing 26 Palestinians in three days.

In the midst of this barrage of fatal airstrikes by the Israeli military, the Palestinian resistance fired back. According to an Israeli military spokesperson at the time, the Palestinian resistance fired hundred of rockets across the border from Gaza into Israel, most of which were intercepted by the ‘Iron Dome’ defense system.

But three people in Israel – two Israelis and one Palestinian – were hit by rockets and killed that day.

The Palestinian shells are crude and mostly homemade, with no ability to make precise aiming. The damage done by these rockets is far less than the missiles dropped by Israel into the Gaza Strip — although they can be deadly if there is a direct hit.

Israeli authorities decided to reinforce the concrete barrier in the midst of large scale Palestinian protests throughout the West Bank and Gaza supporting the Palestinian prisoners who escaped from Gilboa prison in Israel on Monday. Four of the six prisoners who escaped were re-captured Friday night and Saturday morning.