A group of extremist Israeli colonizers, illegally living in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, attacked on Friday evening Palestinian inhabitants of Tal Romeida neighborhood, in the heart if the city, while Israeli soldiers stood and watched, before attacking the Palestinians, and abducted one of them.

Local sources said the colonizers assaulted many Palestinians, and pepper-sprayed Ahmad Abu Haikal, Mohammad Abu Haikal, Sondos al-Azza and Hatem al-Mohtaseb.

They added that the soldiers failed to remove the Israeli attackers, and instead assaulted the Palestinians before abducting one, identified as Yousef al-Azza.

The incident took place after a group of colonizers gathered in Tal Romedia, while the soldiers prevented the Palestinians from leaving their homes or walking on their streets, after declaring the area “a closed military zone,” a move which was meant to only allow Jewish settlers to move freely.

Nonviolent activist Sondos al-Azza, who was one of the Palestinians assaulted by the colonizers, said she was attacked by a group of colonists while heading back home with her mother.

“We kept walking, but they assaulted me and my mother,” she said, “The situation is very dangerous, and filled with hardships, especially since the soldiers keep closing our areas, and prevent our relatives and friends from visiting with us; living here became like living in a big prison, without basic rights that would enable us to live with dignity.”