Dozens of illegal Israeli colonizers stormed, late Monday evening, a Palestinian-owned home in occupied Jerusalem, under the protection of occupation forces.

In the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, dozens of Israeli settlers broke into the apartment of Umm Muhammad Idris, in the Al-Qarmi neighborhood, and began to take it over.

Under the full protection of the Israeli army, the settlers stormed the home, changed the locks, and applied wire on the windows and around the perimeter of the apartment.

The woman’s son, Muhammad Saleh Muhammad Idris, was notified of the events and rushed to his mother’s home, which has been empty for the past ten days while his mother has been hospitalized.

Idris confronted the invading settlers, demanding they leave the apartment, and a verbal exchange ensued.

Israeli police arrived and removed the Idris family and the settlers from the home, instructing the family to file a complaint at the police station.

It was reported that the illegal colonists tried to claim ownership of the apartment without providing documentation.

The Idris family stated that Umm Muhammad Idris, who lives with her daughter in the apartment, bought the home in 1979, and has legal papers to prove it.

[Video from Silwanic]