Illegal Israeli colonizers began construction, Sunday, on the expansion of their colony, built on stolen Palestinian lands in the Northern Plains of the occupied West Bank.

Aref Daraghma, a human rights activist, said the colonizers started constructing new units in the illegal Shadmot Mehola colony, an issue that will lead to the illegal annexation of more Palestinian lands.

Shadmot Mehola is an illegal colony built as an agricultural colony on privately-owned Palestinian lands in 1979; the current number of inhabitants is 652 colonizers. By 2018, its total area covered 363 Dunams of stolen Palestinian lands.

Daraghma added that the colonizers also installed a room on Palestinian lands in the al-Farisiyya village in the Northern Plains.

The wood and tin room was set up on lands between Rotem and Shadmot Mehola colonies.