A group of illegal Israeli colonizers bulldozed, on Sunday morning, Palestinian lands in the Fqeiqis area in Doura city, southwest of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.

Resident Walid Abu Sharar said the colonizers came from the nearby Nagihot illegal colony, which was built on stolen Palestinian lands, including lands owned by his family.

He added that the colonizers bulldozed and uprooted the lands, owned by his family in the eastern area of the illegal colony, in addition to lands in the western area owned by the families of Nasr and Awlad Mohammad.

It is worth mentioning that, over the last two years, the colonizers have been attacking and bulldozing lands in the area to create dirt roads around their illegal colony to expand it by stealing more lands from the Palestinians.

The illegal Nagihot colony was established on stolen Palestinian lands in the 1980s.